When I first saw this quiet page at Imagine Our Life I put it on my mental to do list. Airplanes and airports are our version of “over the river and thru the woods” and already she is familiar with the trucks, luggage, hustle and bustle of the airport travel routine.  She has a good teacher in her mom who traveled to visit grandparents by way of airplanes as well. We would make the trek to OKC at least once a year by plane, if not twice. I look back now and wonder if the little bit of money I was trying to save was worth it to take two stops along the way – Syracuse > Detroit > Memphis > Okc  – it makes me tired just thinking about it now.

The snaps are “a little tricky” right now but she’ll get there soon enough. And even if she never really plays with it, looses all the pieces or wears it out – the joy is in the making and the giving.

Counting the days until the next rendezvous…on my paper chain.


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